True Light Deprivation Greenhouse

The Oriana offers the multiple benefits of a complete light deprivation solution. It is backed by the knowledge of experienced growers who will help you meet your growing needs. Oriana can be customized to include heaters, coolers, automated environmental control solutions, lights, CO2 sensors and more.

Main Benefits

  • A closed growing environment to protect your crops and improve quality
  • Highly durable structure made with aluminum frame and Polycarbonate panels
  • High insulation and high wind and snow load capacity make it suited for most climate areas
  • Enables multiple harvests year-round
  • Efficient ventilation during blackout
  • Screened vents with external handle for organic,
    insect free farming
  • Lockable door, low threshold for easy access
  • Super large screened roof vents for balanced heat and humidity
  • Light diffusing panels for evenly spread solar lighting
  • High light transmission glazing for optimal nurturing
  • Frame rails for hanging extra light fixtures and accessories
  • Built in gutter system for water collection and re-use
  • Reflective wall panels for light enhancement while remaining opaque from the outside
  • Integral anchoring system

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