Portable evaporative cooler


Portable evaporative cooler

Patented, true light deprivation greenhouse, includes a blackout curtain system 123

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A smart greenhouse, saves money on energy costs, increases yields per year and supplies the horticultural tools necessary for an organic production of high quality plants

  • Easy to assemble, highly durable aluminum and polycarbonate greenhouse
  • Suited for most climate areas – high insulation rate, wind load and snow load
  • Multiple, year-round, harvesting aided by a blackout curtain system which includes a patented, unique static curtain valence
  • Humidity control and efficient ventilation during blackout time through screened, light blocking vents
  • Sealed growing environment protects flowers from dust and rain, giving an indoor look to the final flower
  • Organic, insect-free, farming is made easy due to the use of screened vents with an external handle
  • Keep your harvest protected behind a single, lockable door
  • Balance Heat and humidity levels with super large, screened roof vents
  • Light Diffusing panels allow plants to absorb light from multiple directions
  • Grow healthy and strong plants through high light transmission glazing
  • Accelerate your plants’ growth, using the frame rails for hanging extra light fixtures, and accessories
  • Easy access with a low threshold ramp
  • Collect rain / snowmelt water with the built in gutter system for an organic, sustainable irrigation
  • The greenhouse’ reflective wall panels provide the effect of additional light fixtures while maintaining opaque visibility
  • Improved structural support during harsh weather conditions by means of an integral, internal anchoring system & an external anchoring kit

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