• Hose maintenance

    If you always store your hose open and empty, it will prevent the water inside from boiling in the sun. While at the same time the rubber that the hose is made out of get soft causing the boiling water to blow through the hose causing a leak

  • Watering

    Watering inside Oriana I always drag the hose the farthest away from the water source and work my way out. Making it easier to wrangle because all the dragging is done, and you are just pulling it out. I also ran an 1/8 spaghetti line to each pant on a drip stick

  • Topping and trellising

    While topping and trellising is easier to explain by showing there are some basic guidelines. Topping and trellising is done to create an even canopy or what I like to call a hedge. You can top where the whole top is ripped off allowing for the lower branches to become tops or…


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